Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Meeting of the Year - 8 Jan 2011

On 8th January 2011, 2nd Kuala Lumpur held their first meeting for the 2011 session.
For the first two weeks, it was decided that a slightly more informal approach would be taken.

After opening parade, the Boys moved into the main sanctuary.
Captain Cephas Yap led the entire company in a very dynamic session of praise and worship and then introduced the BB uniform system to the new recruits. After that, there were testimonies from some of the senior members.

Then, Warrant Officer Nicholas from 12th KL did a brief introduction on the awards system of the BB. The Boys were quite interested in all the various awards available to them.

It was then time for sports, which everyone enjoyed, followed by closing parade.

During closing parade, two instructors were introduced - they are INS Matthew Yong and INS Darryn Chiew. After that, the Boys stayed back to clean up the church before leaving for home.

Reported by:
INS Darryn Chiew

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