Saturday, April 9, 2011

9 April 2011: Drill-down Challenge

The Drill-down Challenge Medal

Congratulations to the winner of Round 1 of our Drill-down Challenge - SGT ETHAN!

The 2nd Kuala Lumpur Company Drill-down Challenge is held monthly. (on average, once in every 5 weeks) The rules are simple - respond to a wrong command, or do a drill move wrongly / out of timing and the Boy gets eliminated. Last man standing will win the posession of a magnificent medal hung on a blue ribbon - of which the Boy can proudly wear until the next round of the competition (a month later). The medal will then be passed on to the winner of the next round of the challenge. The medal was instituted in April 2011 as a measure to improve Drill standards and to make drilling fun for the Boys. In the absence of any special programs, the Drill-down challenge is usually the most eagerly anticipated activity for the month.

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